About Refunds Man


About Refunds Man

Refunds Man is a firm of private consultants who assist clients with their dealings with the City of Johannesburg.  We are not a part of the City of Johannesburg. 

Because Refunds Man is paid when the Refunds are paid to their clients, we make sure that you get your money from the City of Johannesburg.  No upfront fees are paid to us.  We NEVER receive your refund in our account. 

We assist our private, commercial, and industrial clients to collect the money due to them on an efficient and transparent basis.

Our consultants are highly trained, knowledgeable, and equipped to deal with any sized queries you might have.

What We Offer

We are dedicated professionals from a wide spectrum of disciplines that culminates in the best possible efficient team representing you at the City of Johannesburg. Our mission is to obtain the best possible outcome for you ensuring that you get all the monies owed to you from the Council.

We Understand Your Requirements

We make our business understanding our clients’ specific needs and how to fulfil every client’s particular needs. This is what has made us a success in the industry. Our client satisfaction-based approach is seated in our desire to ensure total satisfaction. This is one of our core values.

We are meticulous

We are meticulous and ensure that every client particular situation is evaluated in the smallest detail. This is what we thrive on and that is our attention to detail. It encapsulates the essence of a daily routine in all our dealings with the Johannesburg municipal office on your behalf.

Your payment is paid out as soon possible

Because Refunds Man submit all the required documents to the City of Johannesburg, and we regularly follow the refund payment up with them, your refund is paid out as soon as possible.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Get in touch with us today for immediate assistance.

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