Refunds after Transfers

We make sure that you get your money from the City of Johannesburg

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Refunds after transfers

We collect the money due to you by the City of Johannesburg

Before sellers of properties transfer their properties, they pay rates clearance figures in advance.  These amounts are overstated.  When the transfer is registered, the amount overpaid must be refunded to the Seller’s attorney’s trust account. 

Our service herewith includes:
1. See that all necessary and prescribed documents are submitted to the City of Johannesburg. These documents are:
ID of the Seller.
Power of attorney authorizing us to deal with the matter.
If the Seller is a company, the CIPC confirms that he is the company’s director.
A letter from the transferring attorney confirming the date of transfer with the instruction that the refund must be paid to their trust account.
The clearance figures issued by the Council.
Proof of payment of the clearance figures
If there were payments to Council after the date of transfer, a bank-stamped proof of payment.
The account and pin numbers of all accounts must be dealt with.
2. All deposits held by the Council, must be placed to the credit of the Seller’s account.
3. Stop the billing of Assessment rates, water, sewer, electricity, and refuse as at the date of registration of transfer.
4. Close the Seller’s account as of the date of transfer.
5. See that the refund is correctly calculated.
6. Ensure the refund is paid to the Seller’s attorney’s trust account.

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Refunds after transfers
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