Refunds on incorrectly paid amounts

We make sure that you get your money from the City of Johannesburg

Refunds Man contact number

Refunds on incorrectly paid amounts

We collect the money due to you by the City of Johannesburg

Often people pay money in incorrect accounts or make finger errors when they type in the amount to be transferred to an account, then Refunds Man is the correct consultant to assist with the refund or the re-allocation of the amount paid.
We require:
1. A copy of ID
2. Power of attorney authorizing us to deal with the matter.
3. Bank-stamped proof of payment.
4. A letter (on your letterhead) explaining the reason for the request to pay the refund or to do a transfer, detailing the bank account details to which account the refund must be paid.
5. Bank-stamped proof of payment.

064 898 6874

Refunds on incorrectly paid amounts
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