Water account queries

We make sure that you get your money from the City of Johannesburg

Refunds Man contact number

Water account queries

We collect the money due to you by the City of Johannesburg

Refunds Man assist with all water account-related queries. 

These include:

  • Billing of water accounts for estimated readings
  • Billing on incorrect water meters
  • Billing of water on an old meter which was replaced by a new meter.
  • Billing of water on old meters with incorrect closure readings
  • Water meters that stopped reading or started to spin.
  • Water meters were loaded as a multiplication meter which is not a multiplication meter.
  • Billing of water meters which were removed.

We also make the following changes in tariffs:

  • Change in use (from Business to Residential)
  • Load number of units in a Residential complex or a residential Body Corporate
  • Install a separate water meter to measure Residential and Commercial use separately

064 898 6874

Water account queries
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