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We make sure that you get your money from the City of Johannesburg

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Welcome to Refunds Man

We collect the money due to you by the City of Johannesburg

Refunds Man will determine the reason for the refund request.

If the refund is due after the transfer of a property:

  • We will obtain all the prescribed documents required by the City of Johannesburg from you as our client.
  • We will close all accounts of the seller on the date of transfer of the property.
  • We then submit the documents for the payment of the refund.

If the refund is due for any other reason:

  • We will obtain all the prescribed documents required by the City of Johannesburg from you as our client.
  • We then submit the documents for the payment of the refund.

As we specialize in collecting refunds on behalf of clients, we will obtain your refund as soon as possible.

Because refunds on transfers are paid to the transferring attorney, and other refunds directly to the client, our clients are never at risk of theft by consultants.

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Recent projects

We assisted clients with the following corrections lately:

Saving due to correct billing

Incorrectly programmed meter

On instructions of property managers, we were instructed to investigate and correct the programming of a Residential Body Corporate electricity meter.  After our electricity inspector viewed the meter, we perused the sales pattern of the buying of prepaid electricity.  City Power then inspected the meter and corrected the billing.  It created a refund of R1,6 million.

Midrand refund

A commercial property was sold and transferred in 2010.  In 2021 we corrected the rates account, which was closed off on an incorrect date of transfer.  A refund of R111 000,00 was paid out.

Neighbor drawing power from our client

An electricity account was incorrectly billed as the neighbor drew power from a Residential Body Corporate.  On instructions of Whitfields, we successfully litigated against the City and City Power.  A correction credit of R1,2 million, stretching from 2011, was credited to the account.

Residential Body Corporate billed for electricity on the Business tariff

A Residential Body Corporate was billed by the City of Johannesburg on the Business Demand tariff.  On instructions of Renprop, we moved the client from the Business Demand tariff to the Residential tariff with effect from 2016.  A credit was passed of over R3,6 million.

Assessment rate correction

A prominent client redeveloped a commercial building as student accommodation.  We changed the Assessment rate billing category from the Business tariff to the Residential tariff.  It create a monthly saving of  R22 000,00 per month.  We now move the water and electricity billing to the Residential tariff.

Splitting of electricity meters on mixed use buildings

On instructions of Rand Realty, we are splitting their electricity meters between the residential and commercial use.  It created savings of approx. R100 000,00 per month.

Reduction in clearance figures

A property in Triomf stood empty for a number of years after the services were disconnected.  The accounts were corrected and payment was made for the debits for the last 2 years.  A saving of R210 000,00 was made.

Fully trained consultants

We use fully trained consultants to assist clients to resolve account queries at the City of Johannesburg. Our firm is managed by a consultant with a B.Com LLB.

Our services

We offer the following services:

  • Assessment rates
  • Electricity account queries
  • Electricity queries for multiple residential properties
  • Multi purpose residential buildings
  • Refunds
  • New electricity meter installations
  • New water meter installations
  • Rates clearance certificates
  • Valuation roll objections
  • Water account queries
  • Water queries for multiple residential properties
  • Zoning certificates
  • Building plans
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